Annabel Stogdon M.A.

Painter and 3D Conceptual Artist.

Having recently graduated with a Masters from Edinburgh College of Art and The University of Edinburgh, she has fallen in love with the city and has chosen to remain working in the Scottish capital for the forseeable future. 

Her art, be it painting or crafting conceptual objects, always seeks to offer up to its veiwers new ways of seeing and being in the world. Heavily influenced by aesthetic philosophy her art constantly questions the way in which our senses are  conditioned to understand the world around us.

Photo credit: Cammy Rennie

Recent News 

Solar Reports



The sun, by aid of a hemispherical magnifying glass, traces a molten arc through a tablet of wax, recording the celestial movements of the day.


If you would like one commissioned for a special occasion please get in touch.

Four Minds

Two Generations

10th - 17th September 2019



Edinburgh College of Art




'Annabel Stogdon is even more abstract using blue pigment, rather as Yves Kl[ein] did, on standing panels to suggest with beautiful effect the gorgeous luminosity inherent in pure colour. She has also painted with light allowing the sun through a burning glass to trace its passage in blue wax.' Duncan Macmillan

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